Premises to rent

AURO Business Park is a cameral complex that offers high standard of offices and production / warehouse halls.


AURO Sp. z o.o., apart from being an investor, is also responsible for management of the facilities. This solutions ensures high quality of the services provided for the current and prospect Lessees



  • 27 March 2014

    ENIPRO Sp. z o.o., a company within the group of ENERGOINSTAL decided to open project office by renting office space in AURO Business Park in Gliwice.


    ENERGOINSTAL SA is one of the largest manufacturers of boilers in Poland, known and valued partner in the domestic and foreign market. Its position is mainly due to the constant modernization of production technology and flexible response to changing market demands.

    The group now decided to open project office under the name of  ENIPRO Sp. z o.o., relying on experienced engineers in Gliwice, who will pursue projects in Gliwice Economic Zone in AURO Business Park.
    Welcome to new Tenant and we wish you many large projects!

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  • 1 September 2013
    Spraying Systems

    The autumn in AURO Business Parku started with our new tenant.


    Spraying Systems Co. Polish Department is a representative of worldwide known jets producer. Since 70 years the company Spraying Systems is a world leader in the nozzle, having its factory in the USA, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Belgium, Germany, India and China.

    The nozzles manufactured by Spraying Systems are used in many industries, because in its offer this company has over 20,000 jets, and a comprehensive program of uses, as well as international wide experience. In addition to the liquid nozzles, air nozzles, water jets, head washing etc. Spraying Systems can viagra online generic also offer accessories in the form of:

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  • 16 June 2012


    Our tenant OPINION Strefa Druku is currently engaged in production of a big Polish flag which is to be shown during Polish – Czech footboll match in Wroclaw.


    The flag is 50 m x 32 m wide and its weight amounts to over 200 kg!

    “It is to cover over one half of the sector. It was the thing that we could have only dreamt of – until yesterday, when we finally received UEFA permission” – says Lucjan Jaszcz, COO of Opinion Strefa Druku, printing house responsible for the  flag’s production.

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