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ENIPRO in Auro Business Park

ENIPRO Sp. z o.o., a company within the group of ENERGOINSTAL decided to open project office by renting office space in AURO Business Park in Gliwice.

ENERGOINSTAL SA is one of the largest manufacturers of boilers in Poland, known and valued partner in the domestic and foreign market. Its position is mainly due to the constant modernization of production technology and flexible response to changing market demands.

The group now decided to open project office under the name of  ENIPRO Sp. z o.o., relying on experienced engineers in Gliwice, who will pursue projects in Gliwice Economic Zone in AURO Business Park.

Welcome to new Tenant and we wish you many large projects!

AURO Sp. z o.o.

ul. Leonarda da Vinci 12,
44-109 Gliwice
tel. +48 32 330 19 53

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