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The autumn in AURO Business Parku started with our new tenant.

Spraying Systems Co. Polish Department is a representative of worldwide known jets producer. Since 70 years the company Spraying Systems is a world leader in the nozzle, having its factory in the USA, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Belgium, Germany, India and China.

The nozzles manufactured by Spraying Systems are used in many industries, because in its offer this company has over 20,000 jets, and a comprehensive program of uses, as well as international wide experience. In addition to the liquid nozzles, air nozzles, water jets, head washing etc. Spraying Systems can viagra online generic also offer accessories in the form of: filters, valves, pressure regulators, spray guns. Based on technology AUTOJET, the company designs, produces and delivers comprehensive cleaning systems.
During almost 20 years of activity order cialis online on the Polish market Spraying Systems has won the recognition of many key industrial customers.

Thank you for your trust and we wish you many successes in conducting business within AURO Business Park in Gliwice!

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