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Gliwice – the city of opportunities

Gliwice is a city located in the Upper Silesia in the western part of the Silesian Agglomeration inhabited by 2.7 million people. The Agglomeration is the most urbanised and industrialised area in the Central Europe. Its economic potential is confirmed by the fact that ca. 50% of Gross National Product of the Province of Silesia and 7% of Gross National Product of Poland comes from this area. Gliwice, one of the biggest cities in the region, is an important communication point, widely developed business centre and a place where well qualified employees are available. Fast connection to Warsaw are provided by Polish Railways’ (PKP) Intercity Warsaw – Gliwice.

Due to the pro-investment politics of our authorities, medium-sized and small companies may benefit from the various forms of support, including business incubators and economic activity zones.


AURO Business Park – In the heart of business

Our Business Park is situated in Upper Silesian Agglomeration in Gliwice on Leonardo da Vinci 12 Street. The grounds lie within the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) borders.

The address of Leonardo da Vinci 12 Street is not only convenient due to A1 (Gorzyczki – Łódź – Gdańsk) and A4 (Berlin – Wroclaw – Krakow) motorways or DK88 road. There is DTŚ (Silesian Intercity Road – intraregional motorway) planned to be completed soon. Moreover, there is a free customs area in our neighbourhood.

AURO Business Park is easily accessible by means of public transport. The bus stop for lines 93, 186, 280, 699 and 692 is situated 30m from the premises. That makes it easy and efficient to commute from the centre of Gliwice, Zabrze or Bytom.

It is only 43 km to the nearest international airport in Katowice-Pyrzowice. Kraków-Balice airport is located within an hour drive.

AURO Sp. z o.o.

ul. Leonarda da Vinci 12,
44-109 Gliwice
tel. +48 32 330 19 53
e-mail: biuro@auro.com.pl

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