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Cookies (cookies) are small files that websites write to our devices by which we use the internet (computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. have many functions, including through the individual sites remember user preferences (eg language of the site, its color, arrangement, arrangement of contents).
Cookies are required for proper functioning of the Internet services, such as those requiring authorization – such as when logging in to your email account or an online store (also helps keep the goods thrown into the shopping carts online).
also allow personalization of web pages in the displayed content and ad targeting. allow it to create anonymous Statistics on traffic services, but they can be used to track our online activity.

If you do not like the collection of information, can disable cookies in your web browser.

How can I change the settings for cookies in different browsers?

• Mozilla Firefox – click here

• Microsoft Internet Explorer – click here

• Google Chrome – click here

• Opera – click here

• Apple Safari – click here

• in mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices – we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the options statement on the website of the manufacturer of your mobile device.

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